Leif Custom Wall Holder



Anthracite 500ml

Originally created for hotels, our minimal wall bracket securely holds a single 500ml Leif bottle. Fabricated from marine grade 316 stainless steel the simple form is suitable for wet areas. Add to your bathroom, shower, kitchen or laundry. Ideal for hand washes, body cleansers or shampoo and conditioners to keep basins clear and cleansers handy. Each wall bracket includes 2 screws and wall plugs for easy install.

Pair Up

Two Hands – Lillypilly

Two Hands – Lillypilly LGE


Lillypilly Hand Wash 500ml

Kakadu Plum Hand Balm 500ml

Body Double – Desert Lime

Body Double – Desert Lime LGE


Desert Lime Body Cleanser 500ml

Desert Lime Body Lotion 500ml

Hair Double – Blue Cypress

Hair Double – Blue Cypress LGE


Blue Cypress Shampoo 500ml

Blue Cypress Conditioner 500ml

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